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Next project?

As you know, Style Log is coming to an end and with only one episode left to sub it's time to pick my next project!
Cast your vote below for the show you want to watch and I will work on it as soon as I'm done with Style Log.

I know some of you would probably want to see both shows subbed but I only can release one episode per week so I can't manage working on 2 shows simultaneously and I also can't handle angry viewers complaining about my speed. 

Poll is open until Style Log final episode will be uploaded which is probably this weekend. 


Amritamita said...

thank you for your time to subbing and posting
if you have a time, please subbing vampire idol korean drama
cause we can see lee soo hyuk-ssi and also jong hyun oppa acting
yubisubs fighting...!!! :)

nursarrah said...

how about fashion killa?

Anonymous said...

Vampire Idol, pleaseeeee.....

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