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[YUBISUBS] Hara, Jea & Hong Jonghyun - Petorialist ep.1

NO REUPLOADING, NO EMBEDDING & NO DIRECT LINKING MY VIDEOS! Relink my adfly links if sharing somewhere else. Not difficult right? SO FOLLOW THE RULES!

many thanks to @chanttabi for timing
Note: Disable adblock to be able to watch

download links are available on my twitter
PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4
Let me know what is your first impressions of this show. =)
I can't guarantee I can release one episode per week since I'm also subbing Rain Effect so be nice and don't rush me, please? 

A question? Check out the FAQ it will probably help you.


Rizkia N. Hamzah said...

thank you so much for subbing this show :")

Ladlisya Ghita Amalinda said...

omygod!! thank you for subbing this show!! i thought you're only going to sub rain effects. just take your time!! once again, thank you. keep up the good work yubi :))

Amy Huynh said...

LOVE THIS SHOW. i hope you can continue to sub it! i don't care how long it takes, im just so happy to be able to watch it. thank you ~~~

Frience said...

Thank you so much for subbing this! Now I can understand what Haragoo is happily saying, haha. I like the others too <3

Anonymous said...

yay! thanks for subbing this!

(does anyone know what song is being played during the credits at the end? thanks!)

novita wijaya said...

Thank you very much are awesome

수아담 said...

thank you for subbing it

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