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[YUBISUBS] Lee Hyori - Golden 12 ep.1

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many thanks to leehyoleechina for timing
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PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4
Subs for this show are long overdue! I finally found some time to do it~  Better late than never, right? Golden 12 was aired in 2012 but Lee Hyori's antics never gets old and her shows are never boring. Hope you will enjoy watching it. ^^

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Lavinia Oei said...

thanks for subbing !! =D

little_miya27 said...

Thank you for subbing this show :) yes its true Lee Hyori's antics and carefree attitude is what makes this show so much fun :) I've been looking for this show with good english subs :) May I ask how many episodes does this show have? Please do continue subbing this show :) Fighting!

Yubi Subs said...

+little_miya27; 12 episodes =)

Dung Le Story said...

Wow, Korean fans are so lucky! They can buy clothes of theirs favorite celebrity at a very cheap price. I wish I can buy BIGBANG stuff! Suck being an international fans.

-ros- said...

thanks so much for subbing!

chent shinoda said...

wow. thankyou for granted my wish. feel like i emailed you yesterday and boom! i got this on youtube. thankyou so much for subbing.good luck for you!!~

Yuhn said...

Thank you SO much Yubisubs! You are apparently the only subber on the whole internet who understands just how important Onstyle's shows are (for my life). I truly love you in the sense that I'm very thankful =D Love every single video that you post. So kind of you. Korean fashion people are so chic!! I love them!

Jyovhie Falag-ey said...

Thanks for subbing this videos.. I'm so glad I found your site ..Thanks a lot..😊

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