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3MC is having a battle again! This time you can decide who wins!

Today (4/8, Tue) is the recording of #stylelog
During the shooting, the 3MC will upload on real time on #onstyle instagram (@onstyletv) 5 pictures each of #eatstagram #fastagram #beaustagram~
The result of the 3MC battle will be decided upon your [LIKE], you may check the outcome through the broadcast! (voting time ~4/11, Fri)
Every Friday 9PM [Style Log]

Translated from @onstyletv

Nana is doing #eatstagram #먹스타그램
Jonghyun is doing #fastagram (fashion) #패스타그램
Minho is doing #beaustagram (beauty) #뷰스타그램

All the pictures of the 3MC are now uploaded. Nana is the model for Jonghyun's #fastagram and Jonghyun is in Nana's #eatsagram so look carefully the tags! I hope you'll all participate. ^^


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