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[YUBISUBS] Hong Jonghyun, Nana & Jo Minho - Style Log 2014 ep.11

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IF YOU CAN'T WATCH BC IT SAYS PRIVATE => google drive (download + YT streaming) links are available on my twitter
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Rivaldi Irvan said...

taeng kyung very mang ching as always~!

Yubi Subs said...

+Rivaldi Irvan I see what you did there ^^

nguyen phuong said...

thank you so much yubi! i really enjoy watching style log:****

Oh said...

omg @Rivaldi Irvan! hahaha!
And thank you Yubi <3 You're the best!

Clarisa KPOPlikes said...

thank you so much!!! :)
fighting with ur other subs^^

apetitemusings said...

haha jonghyun is starting to use nana's lingo too now. i love the style log family <3

the ems training looks so interesting. i'm so lazy, so this would be perfect haha

novita wijaya said...

thank you so much yubisshi for keep subbing style are awesome

Kevin Wong said...

thanks for subbing it!

Fitri Rosmayanti said...

just found your blog..and soooo happy cause theres google drive link..
im downloading all now..thanks a lot..^.^
keep subbing..fighting..^.^

Denysa Dsalamah said...

Why can't i watch it from phone?ㅠㅠ
I've open the site already

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