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[YUBISUBS] Lee Soohyuk & Hong Jonghyun - Style Log 2013 unseen footage

EPISODE 1: Lee Soohyuk Hong Jonghyun's skateboard self cam

EPISODE 3: the birth of new idols

EPISODE 4: Soohyuk hyung, what do I do to dress well?

EPISODE 5: Lee Soohyuk topless

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som mi said...
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Meadia Al-dossary said...

Ooh I miss them sooo much, they are sooo polit and quite men ����kkkkkk
I think I am going to watch the season again

eliza john said...

i love those models can you also sub four sons one daughter with kim woo bin.plz

felicia7792 . said...

thank u for subbing this :D i miss them ~

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