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NO REUPLOADING, NO EMBEDDING & NO DIRECT LINKING MY VIDEOS! Link back to this post if sharing somewhere else. Not difficult right? SO FOLLOW THE RULES! 
Note: most of the following videos were the reason my 2 previous tumblr got terminated so please be considerate and do not put this blog in danger by widespreading the videos by not following the rules stated above. 

if the image is not clickable, links are available on my twitter @yubisubs. check my favorites to find the links easily. if you do not use twitter, write me a mail with your request.


imaaaaak said...

yubi~~~ thanks for subbing all of those korean show, nice to see you. love yaaaaa

toby said...

thank you!!

Lemme whisper u sumthin said...

Hello! Do you have by any chance the 2014 SuJu special of RadioStar? I can't find it anywhere else :(

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