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 14th episode uploaded on 9/03/2015
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✿ 22/12/2014 Jo Minho's Bazaar Thailand shooting (w/ Kim Wonjoong)

✿ Kim Jaeyoung, Jo Minho, Taeeun, Lee Chulwoo's We Love Thailand
27/12/2014 EPISODE 1
02/01/2015 EPISODE 2
09/01//2015 EPISODE 3
19/01/2015 EPISODE 4
26/01/2015 EPISODE 5
04/02/2015 EPISODE 6
12/02/2015 EPISODE 7
17/02/2015 EPISODE 8

✿ Taeeun, Lee Chulwoo's Star Date
29/12/2014 EPISODE 1 (w/ Jung Hoyeon & Kim Jonghoon)
08/01/2015 EPISODE 2
22/01/2015 EPISODE 3
30/01/2015 EPISODE 4 (w/ Shin Jihoon & Joo Woojae)

I'll sub more ESteem in the future =)

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Meadia Al-dossary said...

So lovely
Thank you so much

Wenqing said...

Thank you so much for subbing Esteem! <3

Double A said...

Thank you for these subs ! The guys are so fun to watch ^^

PIQA-poko said...

we love thailand ep.6 link is broken :(

Yubi Subs said...

+PIQA-poko I've fixed it. Sorry about that!

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