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[YUBISUBS] Hyoni Film - Gangnam series

Model Kang Seunghyun goes around Seoul with her travel buddy K to experience the newest trends and lifestyle. The neighborhood they're visiting in this series is Gangnam and models from the 87mm crew are joining her to add a little more craziness to their journey.

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download links are available on my twitter

I won't be subbing the other series with other models as guests. The official YT channel is adding subs around one week after the video was posted so check it out. 

A question? Check out the FAQ it will probably help you.


Teti Ayu said...

yubi, why episode 3 cannot be open ?

Yubi Subs said...

+Teti Ayu it works, try again

Teti Ayu said...

yea it works again yubi and I'll wait another episode. thank you!

수아담 said...

thank you for subbing this show

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